Why it Matters?

Think about how easy it is for most people to do certain things. You choose to stand, and you do. Or you decide to reach for a glass of water, and your hand obeys instantly. For many children who have cerebral palsy, these simple actions aren’t that easy. Cerebral means having to do with the brain. Palsy means having a problem with moving.

Depending on the extent of their disability, such children might find it difficult to walk, talk, play, or even perform simple tasks like sitting or eating. Some children are even in a wheelchair.

Does that mean that children with cerebral palsy or other disabilities cannot make friends? Absolutely not. Reach out to a child with a disability and get creative with your games and conversations. Above all, be patient. Don’t be surprised if you are rewarded with a twinkle of an eye or a happy movement signaling their joy. Not all friendships need words to be perfect. Some are connections of the heart!